Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How much can you balance on your head?

I couldn't resist taking this picture at the park the other day. I am always in awe here when I see how much people can balance on their heads.
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Construction Site Migrant Workers

One of the toughest realities in India is the extreme poverty. Many families live as migrant construction workers and either live inside the unfinished buildings or build shacks next to the building project. It is amazing how they all work as a team though. You always see women carrying bricks on their head and children helping their parents. I just met a woman from Australia who works with an NGO that offers a traveling school for the kids. She teaches art classes and helps get the children ready for the chance to go to more established schools. Every little bit helps. I'll have to see how I can get involved.

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Levi and Larry

Levi is kind of obsessed with Larry boy and asks me several times a day if it is Christmas yet because he is waiting for Santa to bring him his Larry mobile.
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The Nuttall Tradition of Breakfast in Bed

James' family has a tradition of serving breakfast in bed for the birthday star, so we've continued that tradition in our family and its a winner.
I ran out of m&ms for his pancakes, so he had to settle for Cadbury chocolate, not a bad trade.
Levi is always asking me to draw him pictures of Larry Boy (his favorite super hero from Veggie Tales).
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Levi's B-Day at preschool

Levi and his classroom buddies.

Ah yes, balloons.
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Levi is 4!

Pizza always hits the spot.
We miraculously found this cake in the food court area. We forgot matches to light the candles, but Levi just pretended to blow them out.
Rutchi is our neighbor from upstairs who has two boys, Advik and Ritvig. They have helped us out a ton with adjusting to life in India. They also lived abroad in the U.K. for 10 years and just came back to India this year.
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Fun City: The name says it all.

This is birthday land Mecca for the boys. Levi was very excited about going there for his big day.

Levi on the balloon ride with Ritvig.

Isaac's Corner Oct. 24, 2010

We went to fun city on Friday to celebrate Levi’s 4th birthday. First we went on a playland with a slide, lots of obstacles, and a giant spider web which was really hard to climb up. There were some triangles to jump over and there was a little rocket that led us to some ball guns. There were holes that Levi and I went down that led us to another obstacle sourse. Next we went to the eating area and ate yummy cheese pizza and some delicious chocolate cake. Then we went on the rock and tug boat ride—it swung back and forth. Next we went on the balloon ride and the balloons spun around like a tornado and then we went on the bumper cars and then we went on the dancing contest video game. And then we rode on a horse and I played air hockey with my mom.

This week at school for club day I went to pottery class and it was as messy as playdough in an earthquake. Maybe I will switch my club to something else.

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This is where we shop now for fresh fruits and veggies

I really dig the vegetarian comida here. I've even started eating eggplant.
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More Lodi Gardens

Runaway Ty.
Goofy bamboo shot. We saw a ferret running around in this forest.
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14th Century Mosques

Now let's go explore over there. . .

The boys liked the "tunnels"
Beautiful architecture
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Lodi Gardens

The boys wanted to know why the castle was growing four furry feet. Looks like a stray dog found a cozy spot for a nap.

Picnic time
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Here are the boys with Roma--our new Aya (nanny). She helps me with the kids during the day and makes it possible for me to survive laundry and dishes here. Her English is very good because she used to work for another expat family and the kids think she's great. Its really nice to have an extra set of hands to help me--especially since baby number four is coming and James has to work long hours to get his business going.

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